Subs fem/masc, /’do:lɐ / from the greek δούλη (doúle)

1. A person who accompanies families during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. They provide information, physical and emotional support, to whom is seeking a positive birth experience.

2. A person who facilitates processes of rebirth and empowerment, with empathy and without judgment. It combines sources of scientific evidence with emotional work, using art and meditation for mind-body-heart balance.

3. [Figured] A present, aware, and affectionate person who walks with women in the great transitions of their lives.

About me

Do you want to live a positive birth experience? Have support from a doula in the early days after birth? Or do you dream of being a mother and want to improve your fertility?

Let me help you. I’m doula Cristina, and I guide extraordinary families on their parenting journeys.

With scientific evidence-based information, emotional work and unconditional support, you can start creating your dream experience. And I’m here to show you how.

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You are the Heroine

of this Journey.


At the entrance to the maze, the heroine does not rush. She prepares herself and walks for as long as she needs. She will never be alone; she will follow in the footsteps of her ancestors and all the women who have walked it through the ages.

One lap, then another… Disorientation, unforeseen events, challenges. She can’t go back, there are no shortcuts to avoid what needs to be found. The heroin persists, one foot in front of the other. She reaches the center, earning her own rescue. There she finds the stillness, the epiphany, the answer. The void contains infinite possibilities. On the return journey, the heroine integrates what was experienced during the sacred path. Such is the heroine’s journey on her path of preconception, pregnancy, birth and rebirth as a woman.

All ends are beginnings; all beginnings are ends.

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