Born in Lisbon in 1981, half Indian, half Portuguese (from the Alentejo). Sun in Libra, ascending and moon in Aries. The golden autumn heat.

My life changed in November 2012 with the birth of my son Guilherme. The fire that came from the cold (a frozen embryo, after 4 years of infertility), in a birth with obstetric violence and a troubled history of breastfeeding. In August 2016, my daughter Beatriz arrived, in an empowering birth. The tenderness that came by surprise, the breeze that soothes the heat. My travel companion is David, in a love blessed by Saint António since 2000.

I graduated in management and worked in consultancy. With a PhD in Marketing (ISCTE-IUL), I developed scientific research focusing on materialism and its impact on the environment. I explored the threat to identity, which results in wasted resources, when someone receives a gift that they don’t identify with. I was a university professor, and presented my studies at the best international conferences. But I felt incomplete!

Transposing the portal to motherhood represented a new life and the beginning of another journey. A new woman emerged in me with each birth, making me wake up to what is most sacred: the birth of a new life.

Specialized and unique support.

I’ve dedicated myself to various areas of training to be able to serve families with an integrated and holistic approach. More than a birth and post-partum doula, I offer support in sexuality, women’s health, aromatherapy, breastfeeding, babywearing/carriers, baby sleep and crying, baby massage, among many others. I am passionate about the female body-psyche connection. I offer doula sessions online and at home in the Greater Lisbon area (Cascais, Oeiras, Sintra, Amadora, Odivelas, Loures) and Almada. I follow the Code of Ethics of the Portuguese Network of Doulas (RDP) and I am a member of the Portuguese Association for the Rights of Women in Pregnancy and Childbirth (APDMGP). I dream of the day when all women find and bring out their inner power. Its treasures, healing, its wild nature: all within herself. A wolf woman.

I offer services for women, specific to the pregnancy, para a family and to promote well-being. I accept and value various experiences and perspectives on birth: it’s your voice that counts. The definition of humanized childbirth may vary from woman to woman, but it is essential that they keep it as a positive experience. I dream of the day when women’s choices reflect their awareness and ability to decide, and not fear or any form of pressure, blame or misinformation.

My mission as a doula is to support women and their families in the parenting journey, towards a more confident, beautiful and peaceful experience. Happy mother, happy baby.