Hello, my name is Clara, I met Cristina when I was 4 months pregnant, we were looking for a doula. Cristina was the first doula we contacted. We liked her right away, do you know why?! In our conversation she was very explanatory, she gave us security with every word she said to us. Her voice is sweet and calm! After the call ended my husband and I decided it would be her. I was super excited for our first appointment, I liked her as a doula and a person. She is AMAZING ❤️


On the day of my delivery, Cristina’s presence was very important (I say that the only reason I didn’t give up was thanks to her). With each contraction I thought about giving up but she was always there telling me words of strength (it was a lot of pain but believe me I was able to absorb everything she said to me) like for example: “it won’t be long, Clara, for you to meet your son” or “A year from now you’ll be inviting me to your baby’s birthday.” She and her magic words with her sweet voice made me think and rescind that YES I am CAPAZ I am STRONG. Her massages with each contraction helped me SO MUCH! Her presence, words and massages made all the difference❤️ Thank you, I am grateful to you Cristina ❤️

Clara Carmo

The whole process of preparation, delivery and postpartum support was important. I wanted the birth of my son not as an American comedy, or a bad memory of doctors in a hurry and impatience at the hospital for my wife, but a safe event with qualified professionals we know before, who are not in a hurry, without unnecessary interventions and medications. But what I didn’t imagine was the way to alleviate my wife’s pain with Cristina’s massage and psychological support. I totally cannot imagine the birth of my son without Cristina. Cristina was the most important component that helped my wife through that painful night. The second essential component was the midwives … I can’t find a word 😉 100%, who took care of all aspects. But I can’t imagine tonight without Cristina and I’m not exaggerating.

Madis Männi

I have found the sessions with Cristina to be very therapeuthic. It has been super helpful to go through my past experience of birth, and to explore the birthing process with her. I have always felt very relaxed during the sessions, and the relaxation has stayed with me afterwards too. It has helped turn my pregnancy, which started off to be stressed and traumatic, into something positive and exciting.

All the sessions were very informative, lots of useful info on pain, and also pratical information on hospitals + the way it works in Portugal. I found the session on Emotion pain particularly useful.

I very much enjoyed the massage and the rebozo – I’m always keen for more massage.

Thanks for everything!

Susanna Martin

I was very glad to meet you, Cristina. Susanna had already gave such positive feedback from your sessions and it was palpable to me how her mood and disposition changed after meeting you.

She found respect in your conversations and she found a safe space to share her worries and hopes regarding her pregnancy. She told me about your calm and soothing voice and how you always seemed preoccupied with the right thing, the aspects of chilbearing that are truly important. My “little hour” with you two today just confirmed all of this.

I thank you dearly for the time spent with us, for your kind and wise words and encouragement. I rest assured that your role has been of the utmost importance at this special time in our live and I’m very happy that you are able to help people in this way.



Coming to Portugal and not having family or friends here during my pregnancy made me look for a doula. And we found Cristina! What a gift! From the first online meeting i felt safe respected and listened to. Cristina has a wonderful caring, quiet and caring way of adressing any questions, emotions or situations a couple, a pregnant woman or parents might have. Her sense of humor is wonderful and we got many moments to also laugh and relax as we looked at all topics that came up for birth, our health, relationship or even paperwork in Portugal.

Cristina’s non judgmental and open ways are comforting and make you feel supported with all the decisions you make. Our planed homebirth turned into a hospital birth and Cristina was our anker over the phone while we faced decisions there and a very different birth setting. Post partum visits with her were a godsend! The care, understanding and calming presence were wonderfully comforting and she is a great cook! Her skills are multifold, the added service of aromatherapy and massage are great especially after birth!

Cristina will answer your questions, will show up for you and make you feel like you count whatever your situation or doubts along this crazy beautiful journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. We feel blessed to have her in our life.

Sita Scholer

Cristina strikes an awesome balance between natural birth practices and the medical birth community. She meets both mom and dad where they are and in our case facilitated not only the information we needed to be prepared for the birth of our baby girl but also conversations we needed to have as a couple to be best prepared for birth and everything that comes after.

Hennie Holstad

We had a great time and as the big day approached, we were guided to a place where we could prepare calmly and purposefully. You were careful to listen to both our backgrounds and reasons for hiring you, and you judged your classes accordingly. You were always very easy to talk to and ask questions, and you didn’t go too deeply into the woo-woo end of things ;). Having such a flexible schedule was great for us, both in terms of time and location and the whatsapp group was very useful for questions and follow ups.

Jack McCartney

I liked the topics covered. These were current themes and they met what we need. The topic of pain and the various perspectives that it entails were addressed, which made us reflect on it. I liked the practical component of how to do the rebozo massage in order to empower the couple during labor. I recommend Cristina Cardigo’s work as a fundamental tool and a whole pre-delivery support, as it is a great foundation in a new journey in the life of a couple.

Patrícia Costa

I liked that questions were asked that made us think together, as a couple, and that made us put ourselves in the role of the partner to understand the point of view. I liked the tranquility and security transmitted by Cristina when teaching the various topics. I enjoyed making the drawings and noticing my partner’s drawings. I enjoyed learning massage and relaxation techniques in face-to-face sessions. I liked that many topics were addressed that make me feel better prepared for what may happen.

Francisco Raposo

What I liked the most? Working with paintings and metaphors like the labyrinth. The massages. Good knowledge to cover the birth topics and to get a good overview. Flexible in preparing each session. Supportive! I’m super happy to made the choice working with you. I feel way more comfortable and prepared!

Laura Noell

Possibly, the most important thing for us was Cristina’s empathy, availability and interest in getting to know us and our specific needs and experiences. From the beginning, there was always a great motivation and commitment to customize the follow-up in order to meet our needs, preferences and resources (and “only” this was already quite important, given that the beginning of our pregnancy did not have, in terms of “health system”, the clearest and most empathetic follow-up). Cristina is someone available, sharing, with sensitivity, genuineness and respect for the Other, always seeking to promote self-confidence and empowerment. Thank you!

Diana Gaspar and André Carmona

Cristina, I am very grateful for your help, I loved meeting you (see you soon!). Thanks for the teachings. Your energy is unique, your voice soothes. I really enjoyed our meetings, I look forward to the delivery day. You have a fairy hand to massage! The day I met you, my idea would be to meet another doula but you gave me so much confidence with your words and knowledge that I gave up looking for others. Thank you! We’ll see each other soon! Little kisses!

Thank you, Cristina! I imagine that, with you, birth will be very different from one in a hospital setting.

Clara Carmo and Madis Manni

When I started making appointments with Cristina I felt a little lost emotionally, in terms of my fertility. Cristina listened to me, got to know me and has been an essential help on this path towards pregnancy. The empathy you have created with me and all the support you have given me have been extraordinary! All the path I have taken so far has enabled me to emotionally and physically be more prepared for the fertility treatments I have to do and I have no doubt that without your support everything would be more difficult! Starting the follow-up with Cristina was the best decision I made on this journey. Thanks for everything!!!

Andreia Rodrigues

We really enjoyed all the practical parts of the birth preparation. Your calming presence and pragmatic approach. 🙂 We also appreciate that you always shared all the options and then focused on the recommendations.

Ana and Florian Bidaud

I would highly recommend Cristina as a doula. She made my husband and I feel very supported and informed throughout my pregnancy. I learned a lot about pregnancy, labor and birth and felt really prepared going into labor. Cristina was always accessible and available for any questions or concerns we had and she provided a great deal of comfort to soothe any anxieties about an experience that was so new to us. We loved having her as our doula and know any pregnant woman would be lucky to have her as well!

I mean every word of it, thank you so much!

Dardoh Skinner

I met Cristina in a course and it was love at first conversation. I knew that my destiny and hers would soon cross paths again. 2 years later, I went to her for a second pregnancy. We delved into the traumas of the first birth and the desires and emotions that led me to my second child. Guided by Cristina, I felt, saw, appreciated everything I was entitled to and let it slip the first time. Having Cristina’s support was the best decision of my life and for me the sessions would go on forever, until eternity. Today with my baby in our arms we are much happier!

Thank you dear Cristina for diving with me and marking my life with good forever!

(This was a short text, because I would need a lot more lines to describe how nice it was to have you in my house every week!)


Tânia Sant’Ana

When I contacted Cristina, I still hadn’t left the maternity ward. I was full of doubts, fears, insecurities and already with physical wounds. Cristina helped us as soon as possible, being very helpful and caring in the session we had on breastfeeding, providing all the necessary information. It still supported us and helped us get through the initial phase of our baby’s weight loss, in a positive way. In addition to all this, Cristina was a great support in the decisions we made without ever questioning them. I just have to thank you for everything that helped us.

Joana Neves

What I liked the most about the breastfeeding visit was the availability, the support given, the techniques taught and the empathy. I don’t have any suggestions for improvements because I found the support amazing! Thank you for the teachings, soon during the visit I stopped feeling pain. I think the feedings went well, I didn’t feel any pain, I hope it stays that way. I feel confident that I will make it!!

Liliana Martins

I found Cristina’s contact at a very important decisive stage in our lives. Living in Germany for over 10 years – and already in a final stage of pregnancy – the opportunity arose to come to Portugal to have our daughter. I needed some emotional support and practical information about childbirth in the Portuguese medical system. As soon as we spoke on the phone, I felt a huge empathy, affection and genuine availability to accompany me in this transition process. It felt like fate. I had the feeling that I had known Cristina for years.

The birth preparation sessions were essential not only for me but for my husband. I felt empowered when I realized that I could express my fears and play an active role in deciding on medical interventions at birth. Cristina enlightened me by addressing all the relevant topics and gave me time and space to address mine; she gave me valuable tips and with her help I created our daughter’s birth plan, which allowed us to express our wishes regarding the birth. Cristina’s work combines not only technical knowledge, but also extensive professional experience, plus a true passion for supporting pregnant women and their families. I highly recommend Cristina’s Doula accompaniment! Thank you so much for everything, kiss.

Mariana Höfle

I met Cristina when I was the mother of my first child and the beginning of breastfeeding went very badly. Many hours had passed when I had not been able to breastfeed my daughter, I called Cristina who had been recommended to me by a friend and she came as soon as possible! With her help I was finally able to breastfeed and from that moment on I breastfed my daughter for more than 2 years with little difficulty. Whenever there were minor complications I was able to contact Cristina and she calmed me down, gave me advice and so everything could go better.

When I became pregnant with my second baby and I was in a difficult situation, I contacted Cristina again to be able to better prepare for the birth but also to be monitored during the last weeks of the pregnancy. As Cristina is a very empathetic and flexible person, the sessions were a mixture of emotional and informative accompaniment. Because it is not only the information that is accurate, but also being accompanied by someone who calms us, motivates us and makes us trust our own body and power.

Now it’s almost time for the birth and I feel so much better prepared and calm, knowing that I’ve learned a lot of important things about a natural birth!

Kerstin Hillringhaus

I really enjoyed working with Cristina, it was a whole journey about what it means to be a woman and her empowerment for motherhood, and for a birth with confidence. Cristina not only gave me knowledge, but tranquility and a sense of being prepared for the unknown world of giving birth. In the end, I didn’t have the birth I imagined (it was a cesarean), but it didn’t make any difference! In surrendering to the process I found peace. Thank you Cristina, for being a light on this path!

Ana Ferreira

Cristina has been part of our lives for almost 3 and a half years, the age of our Rafael. It was Cristina who we called (by chance) the very day we got home with a newborn in our arms who couldn’t breastfeed. It was Cristina I called when I needed support again this time in search of gentle weaning. It was Cristina I called to cry on her shoulder when we learned that our second pregnancy would not go ahead and it was also Cristina I called when we found out that we were pregnant with Luca. I knew that this time I wouldn’t want maternity visits other than the parents and grandparents, and so I did. Cristina was the first person to meet Luca after his parents. Because Cristina is today a very special friend and a piece with a gigantic role in our journey as parents.

Ana Borba Rodrigues

Cristina was the light that guided us throughout the pregnancy of our first child, Antonio. In addition to all the knowledge, it brought the calm and security that we were looking for during that period and, mainly, it helped me to see the potential and the internal strength that I had so that I could have the birth experience the way I wanted. I remember to this day that in one of our last meetings I was quite nervous and anxious because the expected date of delivery was approaching and, at the end of the session, already at the door, saying goodbye to us, I said that I was anxious and afraid of not being able to… At that moment she hugged me with such tenderness and affection, a prolonged hug, and said in my ear: “you can do it, the strength is in you, you are the strength”. This hug and these words were essential for me! She helped us spend the most beautiful moment of our lives in a full, informed, conscious and respectful way. I am very grateful for the professional and human being that she is and I hope to have her by our side in our next pregnancy.

Clarissa Kosdra

Cristina is a star! In the most special moment of my life, which was also the most difficult, Cristina was always by my side and used everything in her power to help me. I will be forever grateful to you for your light! ❤️✨🙏

Joana Dente

From the moment we met Cristina, we instantly felt calmer and more confident about the upcoming birth of our son. She has a wonderful soothing, reassuring energy. This, combined with her deep knowledge, insights, authenticity and ability to ask just the right questions are just some of the reasons we loved working with her. Not only was she an amazing support for all things pregnancy and labour related, she was invaluable during the early post-partum days, helping with everything from breastfeeding to babywearing to infant massage. We just loved having her around and if you have the opportunity to work with her I would recommend grabbing it with both hands!

Nathalie Marquez Courtney

Cristina guided us both through Nathalie’s pregnancy and towards our son’s birth and helped us map out what we wanted, which was so reassuring and helpful. She was a great listener and the culture of honesty and openness she fostered in our meetings made it very easy to have important conversations.

Ben Keenan

I was pregnant and I wanted to talk to a doula, and behold, Cristina’s name crossed my path. Thinking it wasn’t a coincidence, we decided to talk to her. It was a precious help to empower me as a Woman and Mother, allowing me to demand a peaceful and fearless delivery. It was a rewarding process in the dynamics of the couple throughout the birth and postpartum process. I am also very grateful to Cristina for teaching me so much about breastfeeding, which allowed me to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months, and I continue to breastfeed after 16 months! And it also helped with complementary feeding and the various options according to our preferences, namely BLW and participatory feeding. Thank you, Cristina! I’m grateful for the dedication you’ve given us! ❤️

Carla Barbosa

As first-time parents, we had doubts and questions… a lot. The childbirth preparation course, held at the Health Center, was good, but the conversations with Cristina were fantastic. Being a path essentially carried out by women, my role as a man and father of the child was to support and learn. And I learned a lot, but more importantly, it was the connection we quickly created with Cristina and the natural and simple way in which everything went. It was, for me, very gratifying to watch the way the sessions went and the impact they had on Carla. The inner work carried out, the doubts were clarified and the fears that existed were overcome, always in a calm, peaceful way and, not infrequently, in a very good mood. Being also a therapist, the best compliment you can give me is to recommend my work to other people, it’s a sign that everything went well. Regarding Cristina and her work as a Doula, I highly recommend it. It’s an accompaniment that all mothers (and fathers) should have during pregnancy. It makes all the difference… in pre-delivery, during childbirth and post-partum. What can I say more is Thank you. For sharing, for the dedication, for the work done, for competence… for everything.

Jorge Boim

I had just come from maternity. I had been home for 21 hours with my baby, my first child, when I opened the door and welcomed Cristina into our home. As soon as my eyes met hers, I felt peace. A peace I hadn’t felt for 3 days, in the midst of the despair of my first journey through the world of motherhood. My son, then 3 days old, always suckled well during our hospital stay, but as soon as we got home I had the famous engorgement. In addition to my chest getting too full (almost bursting), I couldn’t extract any. Neither manually nor with the help of the machine/pump, and that’s when my baby stopped being able to breastfeed. It was at that moment that I decided I needed help. Sometimes, just having someone on our side who knows exactly what to say is all the help we need. The proof of this was that, after an hour of session with Cristina, my baby woke up and joined us in the living room of our house, where, after about 15 minutes, he started to suckle from my breast again. I don’t know if they are Cristina’s words, if they are “magic fairy dust”, but the truth is that my son started to breastfeed again and resumed and established breastfeeding until today. Bruno – my husband and my son’s father – was present throughout the session and to this day we remember Cristina with great affection. Thanks for everything!

Beatriz Cardoso

When I found out I was pregnant, I was already sure that I would do everything I could to not be taken to a cesarean section without real need and that I would look for a more natural birth as possible. In this search I found Cristina and we set up a first date that led me to choose her as “my” doula. It was a very good decision. From the beginning I exposed my main doubts, fears and questions and she always had a caring and wise answer. I did 5 sessions of preparation for childbirth and breastfeeding, which has always been my priority. At the end of the sessions, I already felt much more prepared to fight and manage to be the protagonist of my birth. And so it was… Of course, it is not possible to plan a birth, but it is very possible to visualize and believe in what you can and want to happen. Without Cristina’s help I wouldn’t be so sure of myself and able to deal with this whirlwind of emotions and challenges that is the birth of a child. I also counted on her help in the first days of breastfeeding, which went very well and still runs a year later. I hope she can help more and more women get to know themselves and believe in their boundless potential.

Catharina Pereira

Cristina was wonderful as a breastfeeding counselor, she listened to us and saw us as a family and showed us where we needed to improve so that breastfeeding started to flow. Having started babywearing on her recommendation made the mother-baby bond even stronger and awakened our baby’s desire to breastfeed, who just wanted to sleep, I put aside the apps and watches that made me more anxious and started to observe the signs of my son, he began to develop and my confidence grew every day. We completed 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding on demand and I know that her support in the first few days was essential for us to get here.

Beatriz Ventura

Cristina, I think of you every day. Without your initial guidance, we would not have resorted to a second opinion. Thus, it makes sense to live motherhood: without the madness of schedules, pumps and without the weight of weight. I know that other challenges will come, other doubts and insecurities, but this overcoming no one can take away from us anymore. And now we have a network that offers us support and trust. Thank you very much Cristina. Your help was precious.

Ana Arruda

Dear Cristina was our doula and thanks to her work we were able to explore and communicate hidden fears and concerns that would otherwise likely remain so. Always professional, available and with whom we establish a connection right away.

Inês Serpa

Cristina is a very nice person and I am very happy to have had her as my doula during the pregnancy process. As it was the first time to give birth at home, it helped me a lot! I recommend everyone to have Cristina as a doula. If I have another baby, she will be my doula! 🙂 A hug!

Miho Nissato

Cristina was the doula I chose to accompany my second pregnancy, a much-desired pregnancy that was planned to be lived in love and tranquility. At 12 weeks I discovered serious morphological changes in my baby, a few weeks and many tests later, the diagnosis of trisomy 13 shook all the dreams I had lived for years… And it was exactly here, in this difficult and confusing phase, that Cristina took my hand, grabbed me with all the strength she had so that I could obtain a respected medical termination of pregnancy. We had a farewell ceremony for that baby, a circle of women who were always there to support me and, at my own pace, I was able to grieve, lick my wounds so that I could then get up where I had fallen and move on, without having afraid to look back. I keep very beautiful memories of a less happy time in my life, thanks to the wonderful people who accompanied me. One of them, Cristina Cardigo! Thankful for everything!

Cláudia Pinto Praça

Contrary to what I expected, breastfeeding was not an extremely natural process. My daughter, being almost premature and having very low blood sugar, drank artificial milk as soon as she was born. Also, while breastfeeding, the lip position was not the most correct and I fell asleep frequently. However, thanks to Cristina’s fantastic work as CAM, my daughter was breastfed until she was 12 months old, when she weaned herself. Cristina accompanied us, visited us regularly and supported us. She didn’t bring a script, she didn’t tell me what to do, she just listened, provided well-founded information, suggested and advised. Thanks to your support, I gradually increased my milk production, I learned to simplify and live the moment of breastfeeding as it was supposed to – with tranquility and love. To her solid technical knowledge, Cristina adds unique personal characteristics – human, understanding, patient, validating and available. This makes Cristina a complete CAM, capable of guiding any mother at the beginning of this great adventure.

Tânia Correia

I really enjoyed the massage course because it helped me to understand better how to help my daughter relax using the techniques you taught us so well, and it was also great to understand how to prevent the dreaded colic (which, coincidentally or not, , never had). The workshop on introduction to complementary feeding was important because, in addition to being on time, it allowed me to know in great detail the different ways of introducing new foods, from soups to BLW, the possible difficulties that I could encounter and also different ways to get around these difficulties so that the introduction of new foods was peaceful – which it has been until now, after 1 month! Hope everything continues to go well around here!

Raquel Cardoso

Although we are lucky to have a calm baby who has always slept well, we decided to take a baby massage course in order to provide a moment of pleasure and relaxation for our five-month-old daughter Olivia. We were delighted with the techniques transmitted by Cristina, who, in addition to teaching us a lot about the functioning of babies’ bodies, also gave us precious tips on topics as diverse as breastfeeding, BLW, sleep routines, relief from colic, post-natal sexuality. childbirth and babywearing. For us, it was an asset that we use daily, as well as a way to connect even more with our baby. For Olivia, a huge delight that has lasted over the months. We would only like to have known Cristina’s work while she was pregnant, as it would certainly have made a huge difference in our lives.

Gabriela Antunes

I breastfed on demand for two years and although I loved doing it, I felt more and more tired. As until now it had been a very pleasant process for both of them, I didn’t want it to end in an abrupt or traumatic way, so I decided to ask for help. Cristina was essential to give me the necessary security and the strategies to do it in the best way. We are still in the process, but the fact that I was more confident and that I was able to better communicate this decision of mine made her also integrate it in a more harmonious way. It has been a process with ups and downs, but the truth is that, as Cristina told me, if I communicate my decisions or options to her, even if we sometimes have to go back, when we go forward it’s always double. Today he slept all night for the first time, another achievement! Today I am a more rested, happy and confident mother of my decisions. Thank you Cristina!

Cristina Gil

I was having problems breastfeeding, I stopped breastfeeding for a few days and my milk was reduced. I was advised to supplement. I really wanted to breastfeed, that’s when I discovered that there were CAMs, then I looked for one, and that’s when I found Cristina. We talked and she gave me the best advice, she told me not to give up, to trust me and my baby, to breastfeed her to stimulate her… so I did… my milk has grown, my baby is taking it, I continue to give a little supplement , but she no longer has a supplement-only meal, first I give her the breast and if she is still hungry then I offer the bottle, but in minimal amounts… my baby went to the appointment of the month today… she gained 45g a day… I’m super happy… Thank you Cristina for giving me the best advice and strength in this adventure…

Christine Coelho Estêvão

5 stars. I became a mother a week ago and I don’t think anyone prepares us well for the rise/fall of milk… Fortunately I had already taken care of myself before giving birth and asked a friend for Cristina’s contact. She was super available from the start, giving us some initial advice over the phone, and we finally had a session 6 days after the birth and 2 days after the milk was raised. With the support, information and advice that Cristina shared with us, we learned to deal with our daughter much better, we improved breastfeeding and we are able to have peaceful nights when she breastfeeds and sleeps, and so do we. I highly recommend and recommend. Honestly, I think a breastfeeding counseling session should be *the* gift to give to any couple that has a child. Thank you Cristina!

Joana Louise Zózimo

Thank you, Cristina! This gratitude is for our friendship, which has been going on for more than 20 years, it is for your positive energy and for the person you are, it is for your help with our daughter Madalena and for sharing, without expecting anything in return, your precious knowledge and experience as a doula and as a mother! Friends like you I have few and I want to “keep” you forever. A big hug and I finish as I started: Thank you!

João Ferrão