Profession: Doula. A dream come true?

Your dream is to BECOME A DOULA. Accompany families on their journey through pregnancy and childbirth. Be present after birth. You did doula training and you deeply recognize that all of your potential is within you. Still, you feel that you need support to structure your business. This is a business development program exclusively for Doulas. What does it mean?

It means that you will:

  • Discover what is limiting you, so you can stimulate abundance in your life
  • Find your voice and position yourself appropriately to your target audience, in line with your life purpose
  • Apply management and marketing concepts that will consistently leverage your business
  • Work with those who understand the specifics of your activity, in order to be able to deliver concrete and credible proposals to your customers

ADN Doula - Business Development Support

This is not a theoretical program from which you leave more confused than you entered. You will work in a practical way, finding personal and professional rewards that you never imagined achieving. Without a solid business direction, being a doula is just an expensive activity that takes you away from those you love. Develop the confidence you need to become who you are. The world awaits you!

A mentoring program composed of individual and group sessions, where we work exclusively on the strategic and operational development of your business. It includes participation in the ADN Doula Community, where you will have access to monthly meetings with the tribe, a network of contacts from professionals from various areas, workshops and all the support that a group can provide you.

You’ll be ready to work on the ground professionally!

Topics covered

  • Ikigai: A reason to be
  • Market-ing, Customer at the center
  • Personal Business Model Design
  • Customer Expectations Management
  • How to submit a proposal
  • Pricing policy and closing a win-win deal
  • Welcome pack and the Doula Agreement

Count on the support and mentoring of a doula with a higher education in management and a PhD in marketing (ISCTE Business School) who, after several entrepreneurial experiences and university teaching, decided to embark on an entrepreneurial career. Know my path better here.

Your dream is possible; grab it with both hands and your whole heart.


♦ Reach customers who value the service of a doula

♦ Leverage your business consistently

♦ Live your life purpose in a sustainable way!

Cristina, I loved our sessions, I felt it gave me a giant push to show myself to the world and helped me organize the future of my doula business. I managed to understand where I am, where I want to go and what to do to get there.
And I loved getting to know you better!

Filipa Beijoco Carvalho, Doula Lipa


Doing Cristina’s mentoring program was an opportunity to reinforce my goals and train me as a doula, developing organizational tools that in my case were very useful. I was always greeted with a smile that I returned! 🙂

Marta Nabais, OVO Motherhood

Secure your place in the 2022 program! Open pre-registration, limited places.

If you always try to be normal, you will never know how incredible you can become.

Maya Angelou