Are you living motherhood as you dreamed?

Being a mother brings challenges. The dreamed baby does not always correspond to the actual baby.

It is common to experience disorientation in the first weeks after delivery. Will I be able to breastfeed? Why does my baby cry? Am I being a good mother?

To overcome is to discover that in the small space between one tear and another, there are rivers of courage.

Hormonal changes after birth, as well as tiredness and sleep deprivation bring emotions to the surface. Although it is common for the mother to feel angry, sad, and sorry, there are no safe spaces to talk about all of this. Motherhood involves crossing a portal to find, in a very different reality, our own shadow. In the face of the desperation of the early days, the right accompaniment makes the difference. 

To achieve more peaceful days, all the mother needs is someone who will listen and support her without judgment… giving her reliable information, in a simple and effective way, so she can feel able to overcome the challenges of motherhood.

More confidence, greater serenity.

A complete and exclusive accompaniment to challenges in breastfeeding, babywearing, baby massage, as well as a special offer for the woman-mother, who will rediscover her self-care rituals, a transformed sexuality and an experience with yet another element in the familiar dynamics.

There are several benefits you can reap when a doula accompanies you in the postpartum period. Choose to take care of yourself and your family.


  • Getting to know your baby better and meeting your needs
  • Find strategies to improve baby’s breastfeeding, sleep and crying
  • Rediscover and nurture the sacred space of the mother woman
  • Live a more rewarding maternity experience

Take care of the body, mind and heart, to better take care of the baby. Count on the presence of someone who understands exactly what you are feeling.