Childbirth is a portal to pass through. Are you ready?

Pregnancy is a time of blessings and joy. As pregnancy progresses, fears start to emerge, childbirth is an unpredictable moment.

Will I be able? – the question that arises within all women. The pain is frightening, and we all prefer to avoid suffering. Hospital obstetric violence is a reality. The pandemic did not improve the outlook.

“When sailing without a destination, no wind is favourable.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just as you prepare a trip or the details of a wedding, the preparation for the birth of a baby is also essential for experiencing the moment positively. But it’s much more than a simple preparation for childbirth – the woman will cross a portal to another dimension: to become a Mother.

To feel ready, you need to: 

  • Research information based on scientific evidence
  • Welcome emotions and recognize limiting beliefs
  • Learn to reduce and manage pain with courage

It has the monitoring of a doula during pregnancy, who supports it without judgment.

Mind, Body, Heart

As a doula, I offer a holistic program to achieve more serenity and confidence. Along with the best scientific evidence, we prepare the physical and emotional body, using art and meditation as echoes of the soul. 

♥ All doubts are answered based on the indications of the World Health Organization, Cochrane Library and reference scientific studies in obstetrics. A good decision requires information.

♥ I guarantee an unconditional presence. I will question, without judgment, so that you can find the correct answer within you. A good decision comes from your intuition.

♥ In the face of uncertainty, I invite you to look at all emotions as masters of the soul. We observe patterns of control or passivity, we deconstruct situations of abuse. The final step is to look inside and integrate

Giving birth can be the most empowering experience of a lifetime: an initiation into a new dimension of mind-body consciousness.
Ina May Gaskin