What story do you tell about yourself?

There are several portals that a woman goes through during her life. The first is menstruation; the entry into adolescence, the discovery of sexuality, conception, pregnancy and childbirth, separations, losses and mourning, all are portals to cross. In the end, you find a new identity.

Each woman goes through deep emotional processes, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. From maiden to woman, to an old woman, it is imperative to know how to lose in order to win, to decrease in order to grow, to die in order to live. Like a snake, a symbol of feminine wisdom in different traditions, you are asked to release the old skin and awaken to a new consciousness.

More than experiencing all the spiritual and social archetypes (mother, daughter, lover and wife, worker), you must focus on one thing: being a woman. Get to know your body, your emotions, reach a new spiritual level. Integrate, liberate, flourish.

As a doula, I will create a space of protection that encourages women to defy their perception of reality to conquer a new identity, a new blossoming.

Being ourselves causes us to isolate ourselves from many others, and in the meantime, yielding to the wishes of others causes us to isolate ourselves.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Female Sexuality

The female body has a cyclic wisdom. Every woman is seen as a physical, emotional and spiritual being. This integrative perspective allows you to deepen your body awareness and honor all parts of you. At any stage of life you find yourself in, we will bring light to your sexuality. We start by exploring your sexual history. What beliefs and taboos did you inherit in your childhood? What experiences did you have in your youth? We look to your past to understand who you are today.

  • Explore your erotic potential and create your sacred space
  • Get to know your body: physiognomy, acceptance and orgasms
  • Rituals of pleasure with yourself
  • Understand the power of your sexual energy
  • Couple: the energy of exchange
  • How to improve intimacy and feel more satisfaction

As a result, learn to expand your sexual energy. By being fully connected with your body, you will cultivate self-love and love for others. Being aligned with your sexuality will be reflected in your vital energy. Feel pleasure, feel more alive!

Online session, 1h – 50€

Conscious Fertility

Do you dream of being a mother and seeing your family grow? Fertility doula tracking helps you to better understand your menstrual cycles, so you know when the optimal time to conceive is. Furthermore, your fertility will be enhanced when you take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual body. What space is there in your life for a child to occupy? Have you been experiencing difficult emotions? Prepare yourself to carry out your family project in the best possible way.

  • Physiology of the menstrual cycle and reading models: scientific, archetypal and experiential
  • Taking care of the physical body: food, movement and sleep
  • Taking care of the emotional body: sadness, anger, guilt and shame
  • Taking care of the spiritual body: meditative practice and connection with life
  • Medically Assisted Breeding Treatments – What to expect?
  • Gamete donation
  • Union and strengthening the relationship between the couple

While you are waiting for your baby, create space and take good care of yourself. Their arrival may take longer than expected; take the time to dedicate this time to getting to know your body, your emotions better and to connect to something bigger. Achieve a balance between seeking something you fervently desire and surrendering to what life has in store for you.

Online session, 1h – 50€

Circle of Women

Women’s circles, which share the same interests, are an ancestral and sacred way to rescue ancestral wisdom and feminine spirituality. As Mirella Faur says, the circle has the power to gather, concentrate and direct energies to effect changes and help in individual and collective transformations. It is a means of creating a safe space to practice open communication; sharing visions, joys and pains; define objectives; trust; build a supportive community; heal wounds of the soul and exchange experiences, recognizing interdependence with the whole and seeking a communion of values and goals.

All manifestations of power in the world take place in circles. The sky is round, and I heard that the Earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind swirls in circles. Birds build their nests in a circular shape, as their religion is the same as ours. The sun rotates in a circle. The moon too, and both are round. Even the stations always return to the same point. The life of human beings is the circle from one childhood to another, and so it is in everything where power manifests itself.

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